The link between the BBF and the Basque Country goes back a long way. Since the first editions, many breweries from there have been part of the festival’s taps. Great projects, friends, that we are very proud to have seen grow and evolve.

The creation of the association of breweries of Euskadi (EGE – Euskal Garagadoa Elkartea) allowed us to weave alliances and very interesting collective projects. From the stands of the Basque Beer brand at the BBF, the editions of the Technical Studies of craft beer in Euskadi (the last edition, in 2021) or the Bilbao Bizkaia Beer

As a result of this long relationship, the opportunity has arisen that in this edition of the BBF Euskadi will be one of the invited countries with a greater representation. We will have a space dedicated to the Basque Country with three high-level participants. On the one hand, the association of brewers with a powerful selection of beers from the collective brand Basque Beer. Secondly, and as a great novelty this year, a stand of Euskal Sagardoa, the designation of origin of natural cider producers. As a twinned product, apple fermentation is always welcome at beer festivals and we will be able to taste both the most classic proposals and those of new generation in which they are experimenting with hop dry-hop or other adjuncts. Finally, the foodtruck that we already enjoyed in the last edition comes to take advantage of its full potential and will be a working kitchen where the team of TXP – Txomin Parrilla will make an impressive proposal of dishes.

The association of brewers of Euskadi is to be congratulated for having achieved an incredible milestone: Full representation. All the breweries that produce in Euskadi are part of the collective. Something enviable that we are very happy about. As a festival we believe in the strength of the whole, the work of the sector. That is why we are very happy to see the selection of breweries that will be present at the Basque Beer stand this year: BAIAS, BIDASSOA, LOCA, BREWERY LAND, BYRA, DRUNKEN BROS, GARAGART, GROSS, LAUGAR, MALA GISSONA, META, TITO and ZAMPANO. Impressive, isn’t it?

As we were saying, the Euskal Sagardoa cider stand is not far behind. Perhaps they are not so well known by the beer public, but we can assure you that it is a resoundingly TOP selection: BEREZIARTUA, PETRITEGI, ZAPIAIN, OIHARTE, ZELAIA, SAIZAR, ISASTEGI and CONSORCIÓN DE BODEGAS – MUSKER. Under the denomination of origin are grouped cider makers that meet the requirements of using native Basque apples, natural fermentation without adding CO2, water or sugars, with a spectacular product. As their last campaign with which they come to the BBF says: Bertako Plazerra – A real pleasure!

Finally we welcome TXP – Txomin Parrilla who bring the best of Basque cuisine with three spectacular gastro proposals: Cod ajoarriero with poached egg at low temperature euskaber. Head of basachero beef with baked potato and piquillo sauce. Eusko label beef burger with fried onion and piquillo bell pepper cream.

Participation in the BBF is complemented in the activities with three interesting proposals that allow an intense experience and knowledge of the product and its producers. Book them now!