Barcelona Beer Festival 2020


Between sipping and biting at the Barcelona Beer Festival, you can also participate in a number of activities that have been organized in different spaces within the Farga over the three festival days.

  • On the one hand, we propose the BBF – VIBES that are fun and diverse spaces, which you will find in the Main Hall while you are enjoying your own beer experience
  • On the other hand, we have a varied PROGRAM OF ACTIVITIES within which you can find pairings, show-cooking, meetings with brewery masters, sensory experiments, and much more. All this with beer as a centre of attention and with thanks to our collaboration with a large number of professionals in the sector who come to share their knowledge, products and discoveries with us.

The program of activities and the sale of tickets for these events are published approximately one month before the festival, in mid-February.

People who have the BBF Experience ticket have priority access one week before the general public. For everyone else, it is advisable to buy your ticket as soon as possible because places are limited.