Barcelona Beer Festival 2023

The BBF generates a space open to everyone, to those who are just starting out in the world of craft beer and to those who never have enough, and always want to learn more about what is done here and beyond our borders, so we are preparing some unique and exclusive activities that will surprise you. Don’t miss it!


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Friday 26/05/2023

Title Aula Time   Description Language Price
Visit Flanders – Presentation and Pairing Pèrgola 12:00h 45′ Activity led by Ángeles Alonso-Misol (Visit Flanders) and Henk Cortier (Lambicus), there will be a presentation of Flanders and its brewing history, while tasting 3 Flemish beers (Horal Oude Geuze 2022, Westmalle Tripel i Hoogheid) paired with 3 cheeses from the region (Antwerps pikantje, Pas de Bleu BIO i Brugge Prestige). CAT/CAST/ENG Gratuita Experience
Budvar, the resurgence of lagers, tasting and perfect serve InnBrew 16:45h 40 Radim Zvánovec, Global Brand Ambassador & Martin Havlín, Business Development Manager (WE, LATAM) by the hand of the Budvar brewery, founded in 1895 in the Czech Republic, visits us to explain their vision on the consumption of Lagers and how the new brewing fashions are affecting them, while we enjoy a special tasting. ENG Gratuita Experience
INTRO TASTING: Alicante University Pèrgola 19:30h 50 Basic level workshop to introduce attendees to beer tasting, by Raúl Tejerina from Alicante University. Topics such as color, appearance, body, bitterness, sweetness… Activity designed for participants who are curious and want to know more about the analysis, tasting and enjoyment of beers will be discussed.
ROTATIVE: Beers aged on barrel Pèrgola 20:30h 50 GASTROTECA presents 4 breweries (La Pirata, Màger, La Calavera and Montseny) will personally present their creations in barrels and we will taste them while they explain the process and secrets of barrel aging. CAT/CAST 12
POP UP Flanders Cheese POP_UP 17:00h 240 Belgian master cheesemaker Frédéric Van Tricht explains that “cheese, due to its high fat content, leaves a film on the tongue; a frothy beer breaks it up. Thus, the palate is refreshed and you are ready for the next bite”. The wide range of flavors also makes the beer attractive for pairing with cheeses. For each cheese, you can find an interesting beer that enhances its flavor or dialogues with it. Do you dare to try this pairing? You will wonder why you have not discovered it before! CAST 4

Saturday 27/05/2023

Title Aula Time Description Language Price
POP UP Oyster Bar POP_UP 12:00h 240′ We invent a bar that could be in the middle of Barceloneta or on the French coast, where you will enjoy a pairing between oysters from the Ebro Delta and Oyster Stout. The oyster shop will present the activity with an oyster display that will create a buzz… You can’t miss it, show must go on! CAST 5€
ROTATIVE: Wild Beers Pèrgola 12:00h 50′ GASTROTECA presents the world of wild fermentation told and tasted first hand. The most experienced brewers (Ales Agullons, La Salvatge, Lo Vilot and L’Estupenda) will explain in person how these wonders are worked and will help us understand the importance of yeast. CAT/CAST 12€
ROTATIVA: Brewpub Pèrgola 13:00 50′ GASTROTECA discover us the Brewpubs as an establishment in which in addition to having a kitchen to prepare the food, they have a small brewery where the beer is brewed. The concept “fresh beer” raised in the end, where they serve you directly from the fences. The people in charge of the Brewpubs (BlackLab, Le Sec and Barna Brew) will explain the peculiarities of these projects. CAST/ENG 9€
ROTATIVA: Euskal Garagardo Elkartea Pèrgola 14:00h 50′ The E.G.E. Association (Euskal Garagardo Elkartea), represents the most important breweries in the Basque Country, defending and fighting for the rights of these small brewers. At the BBF you will be able to meet 3 brewers of the Association, who will present you first hand, their most interesting products. CAST 9€
ROTATIVA: Collaborative Valencia brewers Pèrgola 16:00h 50′ The Valencian breweries have produced a collaborative beer that demonstrates the cohesion and strength of the Valencian sector. Take the opportunity to meet three Valencian breweries (Castrum, Althaia and La Somniada) while tasting a beer from each brewery to finish the experience with a tasting of the collaborative beer between these and other Valencian breweries. CAST/CAT 9€
POP UP Ice Cream Bar – L’ATELIER POP_UP 17:00h 240′ On Saturday there is an ice cream snack at the BBF! The colleagues of the Atelier will prepare delicious ice creams for us on top of our NEIPA from Rec Brew & Némesis, with ice cream of a sophisticated taste and a very smooth texture, they will fill our glasses to experience this exciting combination of ice cream and beer.
What would Panoramix say? Go for it, for Tutatis!
Sierra Nevada Tasting Pèrgola 17:00h 50′ Ken Grossman started the brewing project in his bicycle garage in 1979, in California. Now it is one of the most popular breweries in the United States and we are fortunate to have them present their latest beers, not yet marketed in Europe. Enjoy this tasting with Guillermo Forn, president of the beer sommeliers. CAST 5€
ROTATIVE: Fermentable friends Pèrgola 18:00h 50′ We are not only about beer, fermentation is a much wider world and here we will know part of it. Poolside (Hard Seltzer), Kombucha (La Valiente), Sake (Kensho) and Hidromel (Beekinga), will present and explain their products first hand. Yes, we will also taste them 😉 CAT/CAST 9€
recovering involuntary maritages
Pèrgola 19:00h 50′ In this workshop we will enter in a very pleasant way in the always wonderful world of beer pairing, and we will do it through simple indications on the different interactions that we can discover between certain basic flavors and certain characteristics that we can find in a beer. And the good thing about beer is that it can be enjoyed in many ways, but if we do it accompanied by a good bite, the satisfaction will be infinite.

Activity leaded by Unai López. Técnico de Cultura de Cerveza de Estrella Galicia- Hijos de Rivera.

CAST 12€
Taste the process Pèrgola 20:00h 50′ Beer is a cereal must, infused with hops and then fermented. But have you ever tasted a must? Don Vicente Álvarez will discover the world of must as we taste different varieties, thanks to Maresme Brewery, CAST 9€

Sunday 28/05/2023

Title Aula Time Description Language Price
Edgar Rodríguez and Toni Romero – Beer & food with history in BBF InnBrew 11:30h 90′ Do we really still have to introduce Edgar Rodríguez and ToniRomero? This combo that would overshadow Oliver and Benji themselves, have the detail to make us fall in love one more year with their creations. This year the focus was on meats, their cooking points and the beer ingredient as always, ending with some very sweet desserts. The fastest sold out of all the activities at the BBF year after year. Still don’t have a ticket? “Run, you fools!” CAT/CAST 15
POP UP PAIRING WITH VERMUT ANTICH POP-UP 11:00h 240′ Antich is not just a brand, it is the history of a city and its people and, above all, of a way of enjoying life. The new first vermouth of Barcelona is reborn, an extraordinary drink that gathers the history of a family and a whole city. And we want to share it with you. Try its three references with a small pairing and let its aromas transport you through its more than 170 years of history.
Tasting TESLA: Gigabier Pèrgola 13:00h 50′ Yes, Tesla has introduced a very exclusive beer, of limited production and brewed with its own experimental hops. The price is equally exclusive but the hardest thing has been to get it. We only have a 10cl. tasting for 9 people, without a doubt a beer that you will not have more options to taste. Tasting in charge of Mikel Rius, director of the BBF, and what’s more! If you have doubts about electric mobility, a Tesla representative will be accompanying us, take advantage! CAST/CAT 15
ROTATIVE: Beer Cluster Pèrgola 14:00h 50′ The Brewery Cluster in Lliçà d’Amunt is a project with a very promising future for the brewing sector. Training, factory, research, multidisciplinary spaces. Come to know the project first hand and taste 4 beers brewed there by the breweries Reptilian, Art Cervesers, Rec Brew and Zulogaarden. CAT/CAST 9