Barcelona Beer Festival 2024

The BBF generates a space open to everyone, to those who are just starting out in the world of craft beer and to those who never have enough, and always want to learn more about what is done here and beyond our borders, so we are preparing some unique and exclusive activities that will surprise you. Don’t miss it!


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Friday 22/03/2024

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16:00h IPAs tasting with pairings by Noumades bar Tasting of 3 beers belonging to the great family of India Pale Ale (IPA), MARESME BREWING, REC BREW and LA QUINCE paired by artisan cheeses and a variety of cold meats. We will talk about the origin of IPAs and the differences between the sub-styles. Perfect for people who are just starting out in the world of craft beer and want to broaden their knowledge. With the support of HOPS COMPANY.
17:00h Show Cooking Nectari Restaurant  (1*michelin) Discover how the chef Jordi Esteve of the 1 Michelin-starred Nectari pairs the beer of the Festival l’Agosarada with a surprise pairing that he has prepared especially for this activity and that will show us the happy union between liquid gastronomy and haute cuisine.
18:00h Lo Vilot and La Calavera sour beer tasting paired with chocolates Chocolate goes very well with sour beers. And if the chocolate is fair trade and the beers are organic or from collaborative projects, they also pair very well with the planet. Fair trade chocolates produced by cocoa producers’ organizations that have received ethical funding from Oikocredit, and we will learn about the stories of social and environmental transformation behind these products.


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Rotative tasting of euskal sagardoa cider
Come to discover the designation of origin of the Cider of Euskadi, which is characterized because 100% are made with native apples and have quality assurance. Taste and be surprised with the participating cider makers: DO Euskal Sagardoa ZELAIA DO Euskal Sagardoa SAIZAR DO Euskal Sagardoa OIHARTE Lupulada. DO Euskal Sagardoa CIDER MUSKER

Saturday 23/03/2024

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12:00h Show cooking with Edgar Rodriguez and Toni Romero Bart Gastroburger and Dejàvins prepared a set of dishes with the artichoke as main ingredient. We will try 3 pairings in which we will see how to approach the pairing of a product that can sometimes be complicated due to its range of flavours. we will be able to see how to approach the dish taking into account its organoleptic characteristics and at the same time several original ways of making use of a product such as the artichoke.
13:00h Presentation and taste of the Tour de Geuze We all get into the van that will take us to tour the Tour de Geuze (TdG), with the help of Francesc Delgado we will go on a virtual route to meet some of the breweries that are part of the TdG. During the trip we will make 4 stops at OUD BEERSEL, TILQUIN, DE CAM and LINDEMANS to taste their beer and learn about their project and we will finish with a surprise!
14:00h THE PRINCIPLES OF BEER PAIRING by 1906: recovering involuntary pairings In this workshop we will delve into the always wonderful world of beer pairing in a very enjoyable way, and we will do so through simple instructions on the different interactions that we can discover between certain basic flavours and certain characteristics that we can find in a beer. The good thing about beer is that it can be enjoyed in many ways, but if we do it accompanied by a good bite, the satisfaction will be infinite.
15:00h Rotative tasting of Basque Beer Basque Beer Come to taste and enjoy the beers of Euskal Garagardoaren Elkartea, the non-profit association, which brings together members of the beer sector produced in Euskal Herriala, and offers natural beer, quality, made with care, local and great personality. Rotary tasting formed by BAIAS, BIDASSOA, BOGA, MALA GISSONA and TITO BLAS.
16:00h +Madera by Molina for brewers Molina for brewers offers you a tasting guided by its master brewer Pablo Martín where we will taste four beers with the innovative technology of wooden spirals. With: Sour by MAS, MALTA with Brettanomyce BR-8 and medium toasted American oak, Barley Wine by ALTHAIA with medium toasted French oak, Barley Wine by COSA NOSTRA with medium toasted American oak, Imperial Stout by PYRENE with American oak with heavy toasting #Char3
17:00h Rotating tasting of emerging breweries Prodeca offers you this rotating tasting of new Catalan breweries. Get to know the beers and projects of Ohgam, Circoco, El Secreto, and Cerveses DMR. A tasting and pairing activity led by their managers where you will be able to interact with them and evaluate the beers of these emerging producers.
18:00h Tasting of winners of the Barcelona Beer Challenge. Would you like to meet the winners of this year’s Barcelona Beer Challenge? The best brewery, the best Rookie brewery and the Molina for brewers Innovation award await you at this rotating tasting where you can try their beers. Discover with them the secrets of the beers that deserve the recognition of the judges.
19:00h Rotative:  tasting of Catalan grape ales Prodeca offers you this tasting with the best of two worlds, beer and wine. La Pirata, Dehum Cervesers, Limbik and Rufa Cervesera de l’Empordà offer you a tasting with pairing of beers in which cereal must has been combined with the must of local grapes, resulting in brews with unique flavours, aromas and nuances. Discover with the brewers the secrets of a style that is increasingly present in our beer culture.
20:00h Blind tasting. Get to know the beers of the 1906 family. Do you know the 1906 family beers? Can you know them in a blind tasting? Prove it in a fun game where you will have to test your senses and your brewing knowledge to identify the 1906 beers. Do you dare to play?


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ESPAI EUSKADI BASQUE COUNTRY celebrates the local product with a tasting of 4 EUSKAL GAZTA cheeses (Fresh, Goat, Cow and Sheep) along with a quince jelly and chocolate. 2 cheeses and the quince jelly are paired with EUSKAL SAGARDOA cider and 2 cheeses and the chocolate with BASQUE BEER.

Sunday 24/03/2024

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11:30h Documentary on the past, present and future of lambic beers. BOON and CANTILLON tasting. A documentary about the past, present and future of LAMBIC beers, directed by Daniel Ruiz (Cerve TV) with tastings of two beers that define the style very well: BOON and CANTILLON. INNBREW STAGE
12:00h Discover the sour beers in “porró”. Deeply rooted in the traditional Catalan gastronomy, the   “porró”   has become a great ally of the beer culture, especially if we talk about sour beers. Masía Agullons, Lo Vilot and Cerveses Màger propose a tasting of their beers in which you can share a  “porró”   with their brewers , its organoleptic characteristics and how to use it. Enjoy, discover and share this fun activity accompanied by a small pairing offered by the brewers.
13:00h Tasting of local beers paired with Catalan cheeses Prodeca with Xavier Ramon from Ferment Project proposes an activity to promote the Catalan beer and cheese culture by making a “Catalan pairing” 4 Catalan beers + 4 Catalan cheeses. We propose a very educational activity that highlights the value of pairing with different games and interactions. We will also have the presence of Màger, Espina de Ferro, Twins craft beer and Brebel. The cheeses will be offered by Xerigots, distributors and refiners of Vilafranca del Penedès.
14:00h Quebec beer tasting There have been several years of interactions between Barcelona Beer Festival and Bières et Saveurs in Montreal. That’s why in this edition our friends from Quebec want to meet you at this tasting of the most popular beers on the other side of the Atlantic and offer you a small pairing while you interact with them.
15:00h Showcooking la Gormanda restaurant Discover how chef Carlota Claver from La Gormanda pairs the beer of the Hops&Hopes Festival with a surprise dish that she has prepared especially for this activity and that will show us the happy union between liquid gastronomy and haute cuisine.
16:00h Pairing of the festival’s international beers with Catalan cheeses Xavier Ramon from Ferment Project and Brebel Beer brings you a second pairing with cheeses from Xerigots, distributors and affineurs from Vilafranca del Penedès. This time with a selection of 4 international beers of the festival + 4 Catalan cheeses. A very educational activity that highlights the value of pairing with different games and interactions.