Barcelona Beer Festival


The idea behind the BBF, as could not be otherwise, resulted out of a night of pints between two of the founding partners, Rubén Río and Joan Fiol, in 2011. A year later, Mikel Rius and Salva Marimón joined the project, consolidating the initial team and providing the necessary and definitive push to celebrate the first BBF at the Convent de Sant Agustí.

The main objective has always been to share our passion and spread beer culture by creating a gastro-recreational festival that always respects the beer trade and values the culinary qualities of beer.

The BBF is approaching its tenth edition and continues to grow and expand its horizon thanks to an exceptional team, including: Natàlia Boronat who is in charge of the BBF Pro, Anna Portavella, the Head of the Barcelona Beer Challenge and Dolors Molina in administration and accounting.

In addition, the BBF draws on an infinite number of collaborators, all with different levels of involvement, who bring expertise to the festival and without whom it would have been impossible to get here: 

Birraire, Gil, Victoria, Eva, Marcela, Mº Rosa, Chíviri, Pasta, Isaac, Alex Pequeño, Karl, Joel, Mariela, Paul, Manel, Victor, Odi, Álvaro, Helena, Lorena, Juanjo, Sara, Mónica, Pol, Marc, Dèlia, Xavi, Elisabet, Dani, Leti, David, Amaury, Enric, Gemma, Judith, Cristian, Xuri, Pere, Pepe, Anna, Adrià, Eric, Joan, Jennifer, Ingrid, Anna, Lluc, Laia, Meritxell, Mercè, Maria… and many more!

Thank you!

If you want to join the BBF family, please send us an email to [email protected],  indicating your interest, your availability and attaching your CV.