We are excited to present a great new of this edition that will thrill the palates of the most curious craft beer lovers. With a delicious dose of exoticism and innovation, this year we will bring up to ten selected breweries from Brazil. In this part of the world people are not usually aware of the very high level of brewing in South America in general and Brazil in particular. A brilliant craft beer scene much more developed than at home, which we have been able to discover on some trips to competitions and festivals there. 

That is why it is a great joy to have made this collaboration possible thanks to our friends at Hops Company who have guided us with their deep knowledge of the Brazilian beer industry. Brazil is a land rich in cultural and natural diversity, and that richness is reflected in its beers. From classic ale styles to bold experimentations with tropical fruits, Brazilian breweries have been gaining international recognition for their quality and creativity.

The participation of these ten Brazilian breweries to the Barcelona Beer Festival promises to broaden the horizons of beergeek, allowing them to explore new flavours and aromas. It is a unique opportunity to delve into Brazil’s beer culture without leaving Barcelona, an experience that is sure to leave an unforgettable taste impression on every taster.

In addition, this initiative not only enriches the festival’s offerings, but also opens the door to future collaborations and exchanges between craft beer brewers from both countries. The possibility of learning and sharing knowledge between Brazilian and Catalan brewers promises to boost innovation and quality in the world of craft beer.

The list of names is impressive for those who know the scene there: SURICATO, HANKZBIER, TRILHA, SPARTACUS, CAPTAIN BREW, ESCAFANDRISTA, IGNORUS, KOALA SAN BREW, DEVANEIO DEO VELHACO and OL BEER. And if you go to the beer list of the festival at Untappd, you will be amazed with the comments and ratings of the selection of beers we have brought.

In short, the addition of ten TOP breweries from Brazil to the Barcelona Beer Festival is exciting news that not only broadens the geographical scope of the festival, but also celebrates diversity and creativity in the world of craft beer. Unforgettable emotions and discoveries await lovers of good beer at this year’s edition.

À nossa saúde!