1. Festival dates and opening times:

The X Barcelona Beer Festival will take place on the From 22 to 24 of march 2024
Friday from 11:00 a.m  . to 11:00 p.m
Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m
Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m

2. Where is it and how do I get there.

The festival takes place at:

Fira Barcelona – Montjuïc – Hall 2    
How to get there using public transport:
Metro: L1. L3. L8(Pl. Espanya)
FGC: S3. 24. S8. S9.  R5. R50. R6. R60 (Pl. Espanya)

3. Is there parking at the festival?

No. The festival does not have on-site parking. Near La Fira de Montjuïc, you will find a place to park and some private parkings,  but spaces are limited so it is advisable to travel with public transport.

4. How do I pay for things at the festival?

BBF uses cashless wristbands as the only method of payment at the festival. You can recharge your wristband at the recharge points of the Festival. If you want to save yourself queuing time, you can charge your wristbands online when you purchase your early ticket.

5. Is it an accessible space for those with reduced mobility?

Yes! Access and facilities are adapted for people with reduced mobility.


1. What is the price of the ticket, where can I buy one and what does it include?

A day ticket costs €5 advance ticket online (plus management fees) and €6 if purchased at the box office. It allows access only on the chosen day and includes: a glass and the Craft Beer Map.

2. How much do beers cost?

The price is variable depending on the style, alcohol content, adjuncts used, length of maturation processes and other variables. If your goal is to taste many beers, we recommend the BBF Experience ticket, which will allow you to taste reduced tastings both in price and volume.

3. Can I come and go whenever I want?

With the day ticket we will let you in and out based on capacity and always making the access queue to re-enter the enclosure, however the BBF Experience ticket reserves the space throughout the weekend, so you can enter whenever you want.

4. Are bookings for a named holder?

No. At the general public entry gates we will not ask you for identification, therefore, if you cannot attend and want to give your ticket away, you do not need to ask for a name change. The only rule is that the ticket must not have been previously validated.

5. I have a problem with my early bird entry, who do I contact to resolve it?

Write to and we will solve any issues you may have.

6. Can minors attend the festival?

Minors can enter the festival for free but must be accompanied by an adult/guardian at all times. Obviously they will not be allowed to consume alcohol.

7. Can I enter with my pet?

No. Unfortunately La Fira de Montjuïc prohibits animals entering the premises.


1. Can I keep the glass?

Yes. The glass can be taken home. Remember that if you plan on attending across multiple days, you will have to bring it back.

2. What do I do if I lose my glass or cup or if it breaks?

If you lose your glass or it breaks you can buy another one at the information booth by showing your bracelet.

3. Will there be alcohol-free beer?

Yes. There is always at least one tap with non-alcoholic beer.

4. Will there be gluten-free beer?

Yes. At least one tap will have gluten-free beer.

5. I don't know what beer I might like, what can I do?

If between so many offers you are disoriented and don’t know what beer to ask for, you can approach one of our Beer Informers for help. They will guide you according to what you are looking for and like. You will find them easily because they are dressed in yellow vests.

6. Will there be other drinks at the festival?

Water and refreshments are available at the information point.

7. Can you buy food at the festival? Will there be vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes. As a gastronomic festival, there will be a good supply of food with beer pairing. You can check their offering in the section: There is always at least one vegetarian option

8. What will I be able do inside the festival?

The festival is a gastronomic event where the main attraction lies in discovering the rich assortment of taste and sensory possibilities offered by beer. If you get hungry you can also taste any of the succulent food options that you will find within the festival. All this is enlivened by open activities that you will find in the main room and other events, whose entrance you must have bought in advance online.
All with good music: Check out all of the details on the website ( during the days before the festival is set to take place.

9. I want the T- shirt! Can I buy it?

Yes! The T-shirt is for sale at the information booth. It is better not to wait for the last minute though because they are usually sold out quite quickly.

10. What activities are there and how can I sign up?

You can find information about all the activities on the website at:
If you want to participate in a directed activity we advise you to be attentive to our networks and our website because there are a small number of places and usually book out in a few days.

Please remember that the activity is not included in your entrance ticket and you will have to purchase it separately.

11. Is there an APP for the Barcelona Beer Festival?

It is a free APP that you can download from the Apple Store and Google Play, where you can check all the beers available at the festival and information about each one of them.

12. I lost an object at the festival.

Go to the information booth and ask about lost items.



This year, BBF and InnBrew, the Brewers convention, join forces again and share dates and location. For more information about InnBrew, visit
You can get your professional ticket that will be valid during the two days of InnBrew, March 22nd and 23rd  from 10am to 6pm. Send an email to to get your ticket.

2. What is Barcelona Beer Challenge?

The Barcelona Beer Challenge began in 2016 and is currently consolidated as the main state competition, but it also has a broad international reach. The priority objective is to give value, visibility and recognition to the best quality beers through prestigious awards. The tasting to evaluate the more than 1100 references that are presented by the 60 professional judges invited, takes place during the first part of the year, while the awards ceremony is held during InnBrew.

3. What is the Craft Beer Map?

The Craft Beer Map is a map of recommended breweries (from Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain) that is given to all festival visitors.

4. What is the Steve Huxley Award?

This is an award promoted by the festival’s organisers that gives recognition to professionals in the sector that stand out for their career and who have made an important contribution to the development of craft beer in the country. the award will be presented during the gala of the Barcelona Beer Challenge . All the information can be found at:

5. I need an invoice.

If you need an invoice, write us an email to:

6. I am a journalist and I want to get accredited for the festival.

Write to our press department to understand the procedure

7. I am a professional in the craft beer sector, what options do I have to participate in the festival?

If you are a producer and you want your beer to be featured at the festival, write to
If what you want is to have a stand to exhibit your produce related to craft beer, your place is the InnBrew (enlace:  Request information at:

8. I would like to work at the festival.

Write us an email attaching your CV and explaining your interest and availability to: