In an exciting crossover between brewing tradition and technological innovation, companies Beer Events and GifMeBeer have joined forces and expertise in their respective sectors of craft beer and NFTs to present a digital sticker collection that celebrates the exquisite and enormous diversity of craft beer.

The collection is a ground-breaking milestone where beer culture and blockchain technology converge for the first time. Festival-goers will be able to debut their collection of beer NFTs with the launch of this project at the festival and get this year’s edition of the NFT, a sticker available free of charge to festival-goers.

In parallel, the festival is launching a very special VIP LIFETIME PASS sticker, where holders will have lifetime access to the festival. It is a limited edition of 160 units with the first 50 sold at a price of 500 USDC. What is a lifetime pass to the best beer festival worth?

Each NFT digital chrome is a unique work of art that captures the essence of limited edition craft beer labels. These digital pieces not only represent artistic excellence, but also encapsulate the core values of craft beer: the quality of the ingredients, the craftsmanship of brewing and the brewing community.

What is most exciting about this collaboration is the way it integrates the values of craft beer with the unique characteristics of NFTs. By owning a digital chrome, beer lovers not only acquire a piece of digital art, but also connect with a unique beer story. The brewing industry shines with creative labels that are true artistic gems. This initiative opens up new ways to appreciate and collect digital art, merging the traditional with the modern.

With this collection, Beer Events and GifMeBeer not only seek to redefine the way craft beer is experienced in the digital world, but also create a space where the values of craft beer and the possibilities of NFT converge, providing enthusiasts with an authentic and unparalleled experience.

The launch of the project will involve craft breweries Basqueland, La Pirata, Màger, Maresme. La Quince and Naparbier. A special edition NFT from the brewery will be available at each of their stands at the Barcelona Beer Festival.