We’re close to “celebrate” one year from cancellation of BBF20 and since then we’ve been living in an emotional roller coaster, mixed with a pandemic Groundhog Day.

We have plenty of illusion and motivation, we have not stopped of searching alternatives and worked on different proposals to finally arrive to the one and only conclusion that we’re pretty sure to share with you:

We DON’T want half BBF; we DON’T deserve half BBF.


and that’s why unfortunately and probably most of you imagined; observing actual pandemic situation we’re forced again to put off the festival.

We will wait patiently, as long as needed, just taking a little run and we promise you to come back as soon as legislation let us, with a F*****G FESTIVAL that shows you all how much we appreciate your support by keeping your entrance, buying on our shop or just trusting BBF. Only through this collective strengh will help us all to keep not just the festival alive but also craft beer movement.

From here we will keep working to have everything ready as soon as possible. No need to say, that all your entrance will be valid for next BBF, plus an extra present that returns you just a part of that confidence and support you’re showing us day by day 😀

We will keep you posted with any detail.

For any inquiry, doubt or why not, support messages 😉 don’t hesitate to contact us to [email protected] and we will answer as soon as possible. 

Stay safe and enjoy good beers!

This is the part of the BBF dedicated to all the people who have forged a career in the
craft beer sector. You can find out more by clicking on this link.