The 2019 edition of the festival was a work of dissemination of beer culture to all those who came with curiosity to discover craft beer. With the intention of simplifying how to explain beer diversity, all the beers present at the festival were grouped into seven large families. It was a work of concreteness that led to hours of discussion, mostly accompanied by good beer.

It is an absolutely personal and somewhat iconoclastic classification. We hope that these reduced concepts are understandable and will help everyone to name their tastes and encourage them to explore new beer options. Thus, the seven families are:

– EUROPEAN CLASSICS: Classic styles that we have always drunk from Germany, England or Belgium (Weissbier, Lager, Pale Ale, Belgian Ale,..).

– TONES OF MALT: Beers where malt is the protagonist and where toasted and/or caramelised flavours and aromas stand out (Brown-Amber-Red Ale, Dubbel, Porter, Belgian Ale, Tripel, Trappist, Barley Wine…).

– HOP-HEAD: Highly hopped, bitter and/or aromatic beers (Best Bitter, IPA, Specialty IPA, Imperial IPA,…).

– ACID: Acid beers either due to fermentation, malts,… Take a chance, if you like them, you won’t want to try anything else! (Lambic, Berliner, Wild Ale, Gose, Flanders Red…)

– DARK SIDE: Dark beers with predominant notes of roasted malts, chocolate, coffee,… (Stout, Imperial Stout,…)

– BARREL AGED: Styles aged in wooden barrels… and yes, beer is also aged in barrels 😉 (Any style that has been aged in wood.)

– OTHER: Beers with adjuncts, fruits, spices, smoked and other fermented beverages, in short, a whole drawer (Fruit Ale, Spiced Ale, Rauchbier, Steinbier,… / and also other guest drinks like cider or wine).

However, the most beautiful part of this project was to have professionals of the sector to explain these families. Each one of them has been explained in a video by an on-trade prescriptor who has carried out this informative task thousands of times behind the counter. Thanks to all of them for their selfless collaboration!

Look for the coloured glasses on the beer posters of this BBF and orientated by our seven beer families!