Barcelona, February 2024

The selection of breweries (and beers) for a gastronomic-brewery festival has many similarities with the programming of bands at a music festival. You have to look for great headliners, solid bands that give structure for all audiences and bet on debut bands that bring energy and drive to the scene. Wonderful memories of winners of emerging breweries in the Barcelona Beer Challenge as Wylie, Peninsula, Cierzo or Dúa Sparkling.

In the balance between novelties and contrasted beers, today we want to talk about the latter. Those refuge beers that steal a smile when you see them on a board and order them with the conviction that you are going to enjoy them in a relaxed way while you fix the world in an infinite conversation. 

In the nine editions of the Barcelona Beer Challenge there have been countless recognition in this sense. Consolidated beers, adjusted to the style and receiving the approval of both judges and public. The maximum expression of this continuity of good work is the Platinum medals, which are awarded to beers that win a medal in five different editions. So far, only three beers have achieved this recognition: Imperial Red IPA from Cerveza Arriaca, Fosca from Sullerica and Carbonera from Sant Jordi. 

As in every edition of the Barcelona Beer Festival, the historical medal list of the competition has been taken into account to make the selection of beers. Up to 34 beers with medals in any edition will be present in the taps of the BBF24. We wanted to make a selection of ten, in different styles to make a different tour: Rain of medals at BBF24.

Grahame Pearce Stout. The Menorcan brewery became known for bottom-fermented beers, but this Stout full of intense notes of coffee and chocolate won a medal last year and we wouldn’t be surprised if it repeats soon.

EvoqueSour Passion Fruit. From the Italian Veneto come the masters of Sour with fruit from Evoqe. Balanced acidity of a sour with the tropical intensity of passion fruit, an unforgettable sensory experience. 

La Sitgetana Platja d’Or. An impeccable classic German Pils. Golden and bright, evoking the essence of summer. Clean fermentation profile with floral notes. Refreshing. An elegant and balanced experience.

Cervesa del Montseny Castanya. A unique beer that captures the essence of autumn. Brewed with chestnuts from Viladrau, it offers a harmonious blend of roasted, smoked malts and the earthy sweetness of chestnuts, creating a warm and comforting elixir.

Dougall’s IPA4. From Liérganes (Cantabria) comes a bold, hoppy beer with an intensely aromatic hop profile, offering citrus and fruity notes balanced by a firm bitterness for a striking sensory experience.

La Pirata Black Block Bourbon.  A robust beer enriched by aging in bourbon barrels. With intense aromas of vanilla and oak, its silky body reveals endless flavors of roasted malt and chocolate. 

Maresme Calima. A Hazy IPA that captures a striking tropical experience.  Citrus and tropical notes. Its balance of smooth malts and fresh hops makes it a silky, delicious and unique choice.

Zeta Beer – Hell. A refreshing and bright lager that stands out for its purity and drinkability. With a clean and slightly malty character, it offers a smooth and easy drinking experience. A beer that is highly satisfying for its well-crafted simplicity.

Beerboi Nefertiti. An intriguing and sophisticated beer that pays homage to the ancient Egyptian queen. With subtle spice and floral hints, it is reminiscent of a Belgian Strong Ale but with the creativity of adjuncts such as dates, figs, coriander seeds and saffron.

Màger ghost cherries. Màger won the Molina For Brewers Innovation Award in 2022 for beers like this. A Wild Ale refermented and matured in American oak barrels that had previously held wine, plus sour cherries. Amazing.