Due to various inquiries from the public and professionals coming to the BBF20 regarding the corona virus COVID-19 situation, we would like to release the following statements:

– The organisation is constantly checking the current state of affairs and is in contact with the appropriate authorities with the aim of following the official recommendations thereof.

– Currently, the appropriate health authorities have NOT scheduled any cancellations of public events. Moreover, there is no clear evidence that this will change in the coming days.

– We have now incorporated a list of recommendations and good-practice guidelines issued by the Spanish Ministry of Health into the festival. These include increasing the number of cleaning personnel with a special emphasis on frequently used contact surfaces, such as door handles and taps, placing extra signage recommending more thorough handwashing and not sharing drinking cups, and installing hand sanitiser dispensers.

– Other cases of local events being cancelled/postponed in the media were NOT motivated by a health emergency declared by the competent authorities.

– The organisation has the strong conviction to go ahead and celebrate this ninth edition of the event. – The only reason for cancellation would be if advised by the competent authorities. The organisation both hopes and wishes that this does not occur.

– Likewise, we will keep all communication channels open to keep all professionals and members of the public coming to the festival informed regarding this and related topics.

– We highly recommend that you follow official information channels to avoid social fearmongering and the spreading of unfounded rumours.



Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we would like to publicly thank you all for the support received. Not only have there been no cancellations by breweries or a decrease in ticket sales but, on the contrary, we have received great support and affection from many people. How amazing the craft beer family is! See you in a few days!