Barcelona Beer Festival manifesto in favour of healthy and horizontal relationships and against any kind of harassment

Barcelona Beer Festival wishes to declare its openness and take a public stand in the beer community.

We believe in a festival based on tolerance and respect for all people regardless of their origins, social class, gender, political ideologies, sexual orientation and/or religion. We aim to promote essential values to ensure fruitful union in our spaces.

Barcelona Beer Festival was born from the desire to raise awareness of beer culture and to share and take part in this revolution that has put our city onto the craft beer map. That’s why we’re working on a PREVENTION AND ACTION PROTOCOL FOR ANY KIND OF HARASSMENT that may occur during the organisation or celebration of the festival. It will be ready to go for this BBF21 edition.

Participation in any activity organised by Beer Events and in the Barcelona Beer Festival thus implies acceptance and compliance with all the points laid out in this manifesto and in the protocols deriving from it to all effects and purposes.

Together, we can create the festival that we want to see and keep it free from the bad practices that we don’t accept anywhere.