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Say it craft! Black music at the BBF

As the result of the collaboration between the BBF and Say it Loud Barcelona there will be several DJ vinyl sessions throughout the festival. Black music and craft beer pair to perfection and we are ready to prove it during the upcoming 13, 14 and 15 of March.

It has been cooking over low heat but finally Say it Loud Barcelona will take to the stage at the BBF hosting a series of DJs during the festival. The sessions will strictly play vinyl, keeping the connection between the crafty concepts of beer and analogue music.

For a long time our paths were bound to cross here. For a long time there have been too many people, stories and meeting points involved for there not to be thoughts about how we could collaborate. And, finally, we have managed to get it going. The BBF was born out of the will to spread the culture of craft beer. Culture understood in the broadest possible sense. Including in the sense of recognising, meeting and mixing with other artistic expressions that happen around it. We want to share our love for a special way of making and approaching beer.

From a long time ago we have taken a stance behind the use of vinyl at Say it Loud BCN, and we want to keep being faithful to this. The concept of vinyl goes way beyond its sound – it represents a way of making things, a way of understanding music and all the relationships that are generated through it, and the opportunity to enjoy them in solitude or in shared sessions.

It is exactly this philosophy that fits with concepts like craft beer or slow food. These are much more than just simple gastronomic claims. They are a way of understanding what we create, consume and how we do it, either alone or in company. We are not talking just about consuming music, food or drinks- and making beer- in a responsible way, we are proposing and talking about a new way of valuing them and spreading the word.

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The sessions will be performed by different guests linked to Barcelona’s music scene, from the record label BankRobber, with Txarly Brown, patron of Achilifunk, to members of the 'Fundación Tony Manero, going through black music promoters like Ponent Roots or The Rigodonians and with a special guest, Sr. Lobezno, live from the booth of the renowned club from Granada Afrodisia, accompanied by Mr. Love Daddy from the shot the pump sessions.

  • Saturday 14 March (from 13:00 to 20:30)
  • BankRobber Gang DJs (from the record label BankRobber)
  • Txarly Brown (patron of Achilifunk)
  • Ponent Roots (from Lleida)
  • Sunday 15 March (from 13:00 to 20:30)
  • Sr. Lobezno and Mr Love Daddy (from Club Afrodisia, Granada)
  • The Rigodonians (La vuelta al mundo en 80 vinilos)
  • Lalo & Miguelito (from the Fundación Tony Manero)

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