Pack BBF 2014


As last year, we’ve brewed in collaboration with 4 local breweries, a 500 limited edition beer pack, which contains 4 different beers. The general idea is the same that last year:

  • - It is the only bottled format present in the festival, and the only one you can buy and take home with you. It’s been designed with an educational motivation and the desire to spread the culture of beer.
  • - Each one of the beers represents one of the basic raw materials needed to make beer (water, malt, hop and yeast), highlighting one at a time over the other ingredients, so that you can appreciate each one separately and learn what each one brings to the table.

imatge de les 4 botelles del pack

  • imatge logo barcelona beer company
  • imatge logo moska
  • imatge logo Clandestines de Montferri
  • imatge logo Guineu

The breweries in charge, along with the management of the BBF, of defining and assembling these limited editions are the following:

etiqueta aigua


Representing the element of Water.

We’ve brewed a refreshing and drinkable beer, using fountainhead water from “Parc Natural del Montseny, Aigua de la Font del Regàs”.


Representing the element of Hop.

We want to introduce you exotic fruit aromas contributed by this essential ingredient. It’s a soft beer but with a pronounced flavour.


Representing the element of Malt.

Brewed with smoked malts. Notes of smoke and soft flavour. Smoked malt flavours are stronger than hops.


Representing the element of Yeast.

Last year pack’s edition, we wanted to experiment a little more. Yeast defines style and it’s the most complexe of the ingredientes. Long life yeast!!

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