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Barcelona Beer Festival has borned with the aim of spreading the craft beer culture. It does by tasting and also with activities that help to understand this amazing world.

We divided them into three main activities: Lectures attended by several brewers in Europe who will explain their experiences and the situation in the countries of the craft beer revolution has gone before. The meetings - round tables where talk about the current scene from different prisms. And finally guided tastings.

We hope you appreciate it and find yours. Registration soon, stay tuned!

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Activity Description
1. Escandinàvia i la cervesa.

Xerrada amb Lervig

Saturday 15.30 (Room A)

Mike Murphy introduces Lervig Aktiebryggeri, which counts with a daring brewing concept under the solid and prolific scandinavian beer scene.
2. La Birra Italiana.

Col·loqui amb Birrificio del Ducato

Friday 15.30 (Room A)

Giovanni Campari, founder and brewer at Birra del Ducato, talks about his brewery and the italian brewing scene, a clear reference for our newest beer industry.
3. Magic Rock.

La propera sensació

Sunday 13.00 (Room A)

Premiere presentation in our contry of this new and admired british brewery, led by one of its owners: Richard Burthouse.
4. Brewdog.

Una xerrada per a punks

Saturday 12.30 (Room A)

Josie Ludford introduces Brewdog, the groundbreaking scottish brewery, reviewing its history, processes and goals, with a little tasting of its products.
5. Impacte econòmic i social de la Cervesa Artesana.

Saturday 19.30 (Room A)

Andrew and Kike (Dougall's) present their vision regarding the microbrewing industry's social and economic impact in our country, with an eventual tasting.
6. Taula rodona i degustació amb Turisme de Flandes.

Saturday 17.30 (Room A)

Ángeles Alonso-Misol (communication manager of Tourism Flanders) and Albert Teixidó (beer sommelier) will talk about this region that is so important in a history of beer with a tasting class.
7. Cervesa i cuina.

Noves Sensacions Gastronòmiques

Sunday 11.00 (Room A)

Presentation of the book Noves Sensacions Gastronòmiques, by the team of the restaurant El Racó d'en Cesc (Barcelona). There will be an eventual beer and food pairing.
8. Presentation Guia de Cerveses de Catalunya 2013.

Saturday 11.00 (Room A)

Presentation of the first edition of the book Guia de Cerveses de Catalunya (Catalonia Beer Guide) by its authors: Jordi Expósito and Joan Villar-i-Martí.
9. Introcata.


Introduction to beer tasting, according to the origin, style or single qualities of the beer. Led by a professional taster.
10. Freakata.


The most daring beer tasting within the Festival, with a fine selection of the rarest and most extreme beers. Not for begginers.
11. BeerCheese.


Beer and cheese pairings by Quesos de Asturias, who show the delicious synergies between both products.
12. Cata en LSC.


Guided tasting beer with Catalan sign language interpretation. Activity promoted by ÀGILS Comunicació.
13. Trobada Blogger.

Saturday 14.15 (Room A)

Beer bloggers meeting, with a brief presentation and a colloquium. A good opportunity to share common experiences and to talk about current topics together and face to face.
14. Cervesa a la Carta

Sunday 15.00 (Room A)

Workshop for catering professionals about how to offer an interesting beer menu at their businesses. Led by David Gago.
15. Cervesa entre lletres

Friday 17.30 (Room A)

How books, magazines and the internet can help us create better brews. Led by Roger Plata (Microcerveseria de Sabadell), this activity is specially designed for homebrewers.
16. Taula Rodona

Sunday 17.00 (Room A)

Roundtable for both professionals and beer enthusiasts to discuss current topics regarding beer and the local industry.

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