Barcelona Beer Festival 2022


Craft Beer Map

In this new edition of BBF we offer once again to all brewing establishments the opportunity to be into the “craft beer map”, a map that remains posted on our website during the whole year and we also print thousands of copies to hand out to attendees to the Festival.

The purpose of this map is to recommend and point out the places that take care of quality beer, so that it serves as a reference for the thousands of attendees at the BBF when looking for establishments where they can enjoy this product.

In this edition we present a NEW IMPLEMENTATION that goes beyond the BBF:


This project was born from a successful promotional campaign for brewing establishments in Catalonia.

It is based on a free App where users can register and access to a local map by geolocation. Each visit makes users add points, which they can exchange for gifts.

The intention is to turn it into the first geolocated, interactive beer map/app, for daily use and throughout the territory.

In the following form we explain quite better all the hiring details to include your establishment both in the classic map BBF and in the new App. 

BBF OFF Activities

When the BBF arrives, the enthusiasm for craft beer takes over the city and, for a few days, Barcelona becomes the world’s beer capital. That means that, in parallel to the festival, dozens of events are organized in the beer establishments across Barcelona.

As we feel part of this small beer community, we want to make these initiatives visible and invite you to attend. The BBF Off can be an ideal place to meet again and continue to toast to good beer.