For this tenth edition of the BBF, KeyKeg offers us a new leisure and entertainment space for all those attending the Festival, loaded with new proposals to make young and old enjoy themselves with different proposals, some classic and others new.

As it could not be otherwise, we will have two CornHole pitches, the mythical and most popular game among brewers from all over the world, with North American roots. Indispensable for a BBF, brewers and beer fans have a must.

In the KeyKeg Area we will also find two Catalan model foosball tables, the usual ones, those at the bar next to the institute, those of the nostalgic duels at night clubs, the ones we like… there is no need to say anything else.

As a great novelty, the two ping pong tables that will be available to everyone throughout the festival stand out. That’s going to be great… In addition, every day we will have an exhibition session by groups of Table Tennis professionals, who will show us how this sport can be practiced at the highest level, with the purpose of promoting its practice. It will be a spectacular and exciting show that will make everyone who attends the festival, after the pro demonstration, want to try a few touches with greater precision, technique and passion. Definitely, it will be a great plan for adults and children!

Dedicated to the most nostalgic of arcades, many of you we guess, we will install two ARCADE machines with hundreds of games to be chosen by the players… with a high table next to the machine to leave the beer, vice is guaranteed!

And finally, who can resist the presence of an Air Jockey? no one can, and you know it… A machine charged by the devil that will push us to freak out with those fast-paced and high-speed games, only suitable for the most agile of reflexes. When the puck starts to slide, there are no friends worth…

Dear beer lovers, enjoy the games, that’s life!