Hops & Hopes has been at the Barcelona Beer Festival since its first year at the Convent de Sant Agustí, making it the festival’s longest-standing beer. It was born of and nurtured through friendship with those we consider even more than friends, the Masia Agullons family. At this stage, we barely need mention it as being one of the beer projects which boasts the most personality, the highest quality and our country’s the best history.

The Masia Agullons family have always been focused on producing spontaneous fermentations in their cellar as if by magic. They keep a line of British-inspired classic beers which includes the Hops & Hopes 5.0º Pale Ale made with Maris Otter malt and quality local Lupulina hops. They’ve used a couple of experimental hops this year in particular that have already got our mouths watering!

In the last edition we started a solidarity initiative in order to promote the link with and our return to our environment to encourage community spirit. For this reason, a good part of last year’s income from the special edition beer, Skadoosh, by The Alchemist, went to Casal d’Infants projects.

This year we want to repeat the experience and we have observed the beer scene in order to support and raise the profile of Conquistando Escalones, led by the ever-active Abrahán who has already accompanied us at several festivals. The association is focused on raising awareness of, investigating and raising funds for medical research for a rare disease (limb-girdle muscular dystrophy 1F) produced by a genetic mutation that, unusually, makes its sufferers immune to AIDS.

As we have already mentioned, Abrahán has been present at previous editions of the BBF as one of his many other initiatives is promoting a craft beer (A.C.E. Beer) that is made with a recipe by Antonio Esteller (Tonnetty in the brewing world) and manufactured by Castelló Beer Factory. It’s a Pale Ale that, aside from helping others, tastes really good.

For all these reasons, we encourage you to visit the special stand dedicated to the initiative and to try the Hops & Hopes safe in the knowledge that every beer will help the good people of Conquistando Escalones. Cheers!