The last two years have seen a dramatic rise in the number of craft beer brewers, with consumers across the globe becoming ever more discerning, looking to purchase quality beers with a unique taste and a fascinating story to engage with.

By definition, a craft beer is perceived as authentic and brewed for taste rather than volume. The scale of operations is therefore small, resulting in unique products with a focus on origin, location and, often, family heritage. For these brewers, the packaging is a key marketing tool, which has the potential to highlight the personality and values of their brand.

It is only in recent years that craft brewers have begun to recognise that cans will deliver a great tasting product to the end consumer.

As the leading beverage can maker in the market, Ball Beverage Packaging Europe is committed to helping craft brewers bring their craft beer offering and brand ethos to life. Ball prides itself on its ability to comprehensively guide its customers through the canning and design process from initial concepts right through to development and production.

Ball has worked with a number of craft brewers across Europe including FourPure, Felinfoel, Concrete Cow Brewery, Magic Rock, Arriaca, Metalman, Southside Brewing Company, and Hobsons, to name a few.

Ball is dedicated to helping craft brewers understand that the beverage can, as a packaging format, offers several benefits; 360 degree branding allows for strong stand out on shelf and for brand stories to be brought to life. In addition, the recyclability of the can makes it an attractive medium for craft brewers looking to use a sustainable packaging format in line with their own production values – values that are often shared by the craft beer end consumer.

The trend of craft brewing moving from glass to aluminium can looks set to continue, with Ball estimating an 18% growth year-on-year until 2018 in Europe alone.

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