In the brewing world, the importance of proper cleaning, sterilization and maintenance of brewing materials is well known, but it should be remembered that the process does not end with bottling or kegging, but includes dispensing at bars, taprooms, brewpubs, etc. for customer consumption, and this latter part is not always given all the importance it deserves.

This is why it is essential to keep beer lines clean, so that the product we serve has not been affected by dirt or yeast sediments right up until the time it is served.

And how often do you have to clean the lines? We, Install Beer, are of the philosophy that the more the better, but keep in mind that cleaning always involves a loss of beer, quantities that depend on the length of the racking line and the coil, from the keg to the tap. And it will also vary depending on the installation, on whether the barrels are in the chamber, the amount of beer served, etc.

Therefore, you will have to make decisions about the appropriate time to clean the installation based on based on the information we have discussed. One of the most used methods involves a cleaning tank, made from either plastic or stainless steel, which has the functionality of a barrel and employs a very practical and simple system.
At Install Beer you will find all the necessary material so that you can carry out maintenance on your installation, as well as a section on our blog with an explanations and materials needed for the process.

If your installation is in Barcelona, or a surrounding area, and you need help from technical services to carry out any maintenance, or you just want to put together your beer dispensing installation, whatever your municipality, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or request a quote. In addition, at you can see examples of installations that we have put together throughout our many years of service.

The ultimate goal is to take care and ensure that the product we serve maintains high levels of quality and is served in the best conditions.