In order to talk about technology, we must go back to the times of the industrial revolution. The birth of the steam engine, which facilitated the distribution of products over great distances, and the advances in refrigeration technology, only within the reach of the major producers, resulted in the disappearance of many craft producers or their partnership with those in the big brewing industry.

At present, the consumption of higher quality beers is making a comeback, which entails this culture returning to its origins, but this time, accompanied by all the technology available to brewmasters. These craft beer producers have the capacity to produce a natural and fresh product from excellent raw material, obtaining a beer with exceptional and unique aromas, colours and flavours.

In addition to the usual distribution channels (hospitality sector, specialised stores, e-commerce, etc.), the craft beer consumer is curiouser than ever to get to know the brewers, and direct sales, as well as visits, can be a novel way of increasing profits.

For these reasons, technology can be a great ally in this task, facilitating the work of the brewmasters in the elaboration process, enabling them to have greater control and efficiency over the processes, increasing production rates without affecting the quality of the craft beer, and programming continuous cleaning cycles to provide facilities with a more sanitary and modern look.

Our company, SVS MICRO BREWERY ,

works hand in hand with the renowned firm SPADONI (Italy) to implement comprehensive 3.6 and 12 hl microbrewery plants in Spain, using avant-garde technology for brewing, control, cleaning and automation.

If you want to know more about our company and the products we offer, you can visit us at our stand and attend the lectures on the EVOLUTION AND TECHNOLOGICAL TRENDS IN THE PRODUCTION OF CRAFT BEERS during the BBF.